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    Seeing The Medical Equipment at Early Time in Dr. Adhyatma, MPH – MOH

    In order to save and to maintain the national’s cultural heritage, the Ministry of Health of Indonesia through the Center for Research and Technology Development and Health Services in Surabaya, initiated a health museum since 1990. The museum collects and displays health historical items since the earlier time until now. Formally on September 14, 2004, the Minister of Health inaugurated the museum and named “Health Museum of Dr. Adhyatma, MPH – MOH”.

    In regard to these efforts, have also realized even more advanced age, more sophisticated technology, but the nation’s ancestors heritage, including the health culture cannot simply left.

    Therefore, the Health Museum, expected to become a medium of education or the health center learning for the public and the scientific community who care about health effort.

    The purpose of this museum was built to save and preserve objects of historical value to the time of the health sector until now. Besides, this museum also gives information to the today’s generations and future generations about health intricacies of the history, culture, science and so on.

    This museum has equipped with a “special library” which collects and serves all library materials: books, magazines, recording tapes, video footage and others. Library materials allows for the deepening of cultural studies in health.
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