Sangiang tourism object is located in the village Sangiang Banjaran Banjaran subdistrict within approximately 27 km of the capital of Majalengka. The access to the Situ Sangiang is pretty good with paved road to arrive at the scene. If you are interested in visiting Situ Sangiang advised to use private vehicles for From Highway Provincial Precisely in Block Wates village where the gate survived Girimulya coming here is of no public transport, only taxis. So if you bring the family should bring your own car.

Situ Sangiang is one of the natural attractions are located in California which rely on springs and rainfall as the main water source. Situ Sangiang has a total area reaching 26.4 hectares. There is also included in the National Park of Mount Ciremai which is famous for its legend Nini Pellets.

The beauty panorama of the mountains, leaving the natural beauty, will spoil you with fresh air and beautiful environment. From the welcome gate in Block Wates Girimulya until Situ Sangiang you will be pampered with beauty expanse of hills covered with small farm that uses its teracing system.

In Situ Sangiang the court upon entering you will feel the mystical aura on the trail warning of a ban for picking or taking part of a large tree, do not go in vain place without the permission/accompanied kuncen, and also there are trees that should not be taken.