Pantai Batu Payung never heard of this beach, why are they called the Batu Payung Beach. The beach is located on the seashore icon that resembles a stone beach, but not at all like an umbrella that we imagine. Stone beach umbrellas can be said to be the belle of the beaches in Lombok. Travelers are often talked about it. This beach is located in Central Lombok.

This beach does not have the white sand, consisting only of large rocks and coral shaped like an umbrella. Routes to the beach is not difficult. You can toward Mandalika Beach formerly known as Kuta Beach Lombok, or can directly toward Pantai Tanjung Aan.

But unfortunately, the lack of clear directions and access road to Tanjung Aan inadequate. The road is not really good. If you lose your way, do not hesitate to ask local people. The trip takes about 15 minutes from the beach Mandalika towards Pantai Tanjung Aan. Arrive at Tanjung Aan, you may for the first time there will be looking for where Pantai Batu Payung. It turned out that the beach is located behind a hill across the ocean is visible from Pantai Tanjung Aan.

Tanjung Aan Beach, you can walk down the beach about 30 minutes. If you want more quickly, you can ride a boat from Tanjung Aan Beach for 15 minutes, then added walk about 5 minutes. You should be careful when walking along the rocks. Moss clinging feels very slippery.