Karangasem Bali Chocolate Factory is a pretty famous place and present among Bali young people. Chocolate Factory Karangasem in Bali there are a factory and cocoa plantations and unique this place is located on the waterfront. The place is said to be owned by a foreign citizens named Charlie, maybe he was inspired by the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Karangasem Bali Chocolate Factory is ideal visit if you plan on visiting the attractions of East Bali. Not only a single plant, in Bali 's Karangasem Chocolate Factory turns out some chocolate brand also has a base here. For access to the site of Bali 's Karangasem Chocolate Factory does not use the paved road, but still deserves to be passed. What does it mean limited access when compared to new experiences will you earn on the site.

You can taste the different types of chocolate made ​​in this factory . You can see the process of making these chocolates. In addition to that, this place could be famous for the home or factory form is quite unique as you see in the photo. There is also a large ship models that you can climb, a big swing that hung between two palm trees you can play with the bonus of view directly to the beach, and many other exciting things in this place.