The beach and the highland such as the mountains and hills are the best places to enjoy the sunset. In Wonogiri, Central Java, there is an interesting place to enjoy the beautiful sunset. The local people call this place with the name of Gantole Hills.

Gantole hill is a hill that is used for grounding paragliding. The view from this place is so beautiful in the afternoon. From this place you can see the beautiful hills that are part of Sewu Mountains. Green overlay will bring coolness in the eyes. Not only the beauty of the hills, from this hill you can see the expanse of water from the reservoir Gajah Mungkur which is very famous.

The hillside location is somewhere hidden. There are no signs that a clue. The only way to get there is by making use of information from the local people or ask them. Before you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset at the Peak Gantole you have to pass through the streets uphill with conditions that are not too good. You also have to pass through residential areas. You can ask the location of Gantole Hill to the people that you meet.

The most appropriate time to come to this hill was dusk between 5 pm and 6 pm. While waiting for the sunset you can enjoy the cool breeze that will bring tranquility while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Once the sun started to move to the contest, its orange light will look so dazzling. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture this scene in Gantole Hill.