Telaga Claket is located in the village of Spring Ijo, Selogiri District, Wonogiri, Central Java. It is close to the dam that located in District Colo Nguter. From Solo will takes of about 60 minutes to get the location. For the access to the lake is easy enough from the highway Sukoharjo - Wonogiri ( Precisely Nguter Herbal Market , Sukoharjo ) in less than 20 minutes by car to that location.

Surrounded by the hills of Telaga Claket is like a hidden paradise and still natural blend with nature. There was silence breath of breeze carries We feel comfortable sitting in the gazebo area of the lake before going down to the lake to take pictures of particular moment.

The edge of the lake seems some men who sat clutching fishing rods in hand hoping a fish would eat the bait. Photo taking session that favored visitors located in the wooden bridge to the lake, but for this the visitors have to pay Rp.5000, - / person to be able to come down and take pictures.

Telaga Claket not only bring the beauty of its dam, but also offers a blend of travel and agro. It can be found in the east of the gazebo there is a goat farm and there are also ponds to breed catfish. As well as in the south of the lake can be found a simple outbound area.

Visitors who come to the lake there are a variety of community angler, participants who want to organize nature and other travelers. Low cost and sensation derived claket made lake often crowded during holidays. To add to the beauty and avoid the heat should come during the afternoon when the sun was about to set, burst of light from behind the hills into the perfect background.