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    Iboih Beach The Wonderful Marine Tourism Object of Aceh

    Iboih beach is one of the several beaches that are excellent in the backpacker community in Pulau Weh. The beach has become one of the goals of the travelers from various parts of the world. Not surprisingly, when you visit this beach then dominated by foreign tourists are settled for weeks.

    Iboih beach is actually named official " Teupin Layeu ", but is better known by the name Iboih beach. Iboih Beach offers all the beauty beneath the sea that we can enjoy without even having to swim though. There are few tourists who expressed the beauty of the beach Iboih, Iboih protected forest has a charming coastline with golden sand and large rocks decker.

    Not much if the protected forest is described as a paradise, as for most tourists, this is the picture of the park " play " real . Shallow ocean floor that emits a bluish-green, even eves peace. Smiling lips curved shores as welcome roamer feel the warmth of the tropical rain forests studded wealth of flora and fauna Indonesia.

    Here there are many boat belonging to the people who can be hired to get around the island or to just see dots to dreamy beauty beneath the sea around the island Rubiah . Boats are available generally consists of small boats and big boats . For those of us who can not swim, boats are generally equipped with glass windows overlooking the grounds and can be used to see the underwater beauty of the ship.

    But for those of you who want to snorkeling and diving, you can rent snorkeling sufficient tools at a price of Rp 40,000 per person and equipment that can be used is a float, the master snorkling and frog legs. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater world more freely, you can rent diving equipment at the same time accompanied by a guide with pay Rp 400,000 per person or 25 euros for foreign tourists.

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    Very recommended place to visit here and great place to escape from the city hecticness,the cabin where we staying is comfort, Ms liza and the staff are helpful and do the best they can do.

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    woo that beach is looking so good and you shared amazing snapshot of that beautiful beach. Aceh has many cultures, tourist objects, ranging coastal attractions which beautifully with exquisite white sandy hills of the surrounding landscape.

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    wow, this is really a nice place to travel, its really natural and beautiful place, i going to take vacation in this place..

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    so good place and have so many good things to get fun. i like to visit that place and add it in my wish list.

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    Thanks for a great post

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    Thank you very much

    Thanks for share this helpfull post

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    WOW a very beautiful beach

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    beuty beach

    sentra timur

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    Very nice, thanks for help me see img nice

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