Um Island is situated in Makbon District, Sorong Town of West Papua Province. This tourism island has become one of destinations that must be visited when we are in the easternmost province of Indonesia. This island are very tiny island, with travel time just need 15 minutes tour the island on foot.

Um Island is promising tranquility and comfort with distinctive natural and unspoilt beaches as if hidden from the touch migrants. In the island is also covered with green trees used as habitat for thousands of bats. Certainly when we walk the road, we can find the bat was hanging from a tree.

Um Island has white sand collaboration with shady greenish water, chirping birds shouted, swirling bats fly hunt of food, and nicks orange tinge in the west.

If you want to enjoy the underwater beauty, we can also snorkel. Of course we must provide their own equipment, so comfortable and did not trouble to hire on the spot. For diving enthusiasts water, we will also be pampered with a panorama of various reef fish, turtles, lola, sea cucumbers, lobsters, and the sculpted beauty of natural coral. Also do not forget to bring diving equipment that we have, so that no trouble finding a practical and diving equipment rental.

Beautiful underwater scenery in Um Island, can not be separated from the participation of the residents of Kampung Malaumkarta. Residents of the village is implementing marine sasi system, namely a ban on catching certain types of marine fauna in an area within a certain period agreed upon by the society.

To reach Um Island, we must towards Makbon by land transportation. From Sorong Town, available on the public transportation towards Makbon with fee of 15,000 one way. The distance are 40 km, it can be reached for about 2 till 3 hours' trip.