Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang, Indonesia, was built in 1416 to honor admiral cheng ho and used for Buddhist worship with Barongsai show and ceremonies. The Sam Poo Kong temple is not only a shrine, but also opened as a tourism spot in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. It easy to reach the temple on Jalan Gedung Batu, Simongan, since its situated in the city.

Entering the main temple, you will notice a dragon coiling on top of the gateway. Two sculptures of knights wearing leather headdress with a javelin in hand greet the visitors. Their faces express toughness and determined air of soldiers of the 15th century. As excerpted from the history wall, Sam Poo was a messenger from China in the sovereignty of the Ming Emperor (1368-1643). He visited Java two times in 1406 and 1416. In the later year he landed at Simongan which was then lying by the sea. The inhabitants of Semarang regarded his mission as a great national event and in honor thereof built the temple.