Taula'a beach Gorontalo is located in the south mainland of Gorontalo, precisely in the Taula’a village, Bilato district (previously Boliyohuto district) Gorontalo regency. It takes two hours from the city of Limboto, Gorontalo district center. The access is easy to reach and the location is also environment-friendly.

During 2009, this beach was declared by the district government of Gorontalo as a coastal marine tourism in Gorontalo province, and still in some improvements to be a better destination. The location is quite attractive; the sandy beach along with the flattering palm trees and the location around the coast is quite extensive. The position of this place is in U-shape facing towards the Tomini bay.

For those who do not really like the atmosphere of hard waves and craving for comfortable atmosphere for ride a boat, then this place will be the right one because the sea has no wave for the position is in bay-shape. The surrounding scenery is quite refreshing cool green mountains and bright blue sky.

The clear blue and calm water is perfect place for you doing boating activity. For those who want to unwind and relaxing the mind with friends and family, there is mini cottage at this place, which was built by offices and agencies in Gorontalo regencies, which is expected to be the facility for the visitors who come to this place.