Lahilote beach is popular by Pohe beach among local people. This beach is located near to Gorontalo city, which is only 6Km. This is the nearest destination that can be reached easily by tourist that give visit to Gorontalo.

This beach is also famous by its urban legend about a man named Lahilote that try to propose an angel. If we visit this beach, we can see stones with footsteps shape that being called as Botu Liyodu Lei Lehilote that means the footsteps from Lahilote.

Lahilote has curved shoreline and similar to a bay. At one of the beach ends we can see the curve from this beach, and it has background the greenish hill and shady trees. The waves at Lahilote are just kind of small waves and it is fine to jump for swimming, even snorkeling.

To go to this beach is can be reach from Gorontalo and it can be followed by using public transportation, bendi or pedi cap and Ojek or motorcycle taxi.