Nani Wartabone monument was built around 1987 during the reign of Drs. A. Nadjamudin, as Gorontalo Mayor. The monument is located right in front of the Governor office of Gorontalo today.
Nani Wartabone was a native son from Gorontalo, which has many devote himself as warrior of the nation and the state, particularly in the patriotic movement against Dutch colonialism.

The patriotic movement under the leadership of Nani Wartabone were using tactics and strategies of struggle and able to expel the invaders, the Netherlands, from Kerawang, Gorontalo. The struggle of Gorontalo patriots reached the climax on January 23, 1942, by being the only region in Indonesia that proclaimed Indonesia's independence from Gorontalo, and being free from Dutch colonization.

Nani Wartabone monument was built to respect the heroic act from Nani Wartabone, from Gorontalo and becomes the reminding monument for people of Gorontalo for the heroic event that happened at January 23, 1942, in the hope that the results of the struggle keep growing in the soul of today’s generations and to build Indonesia a better place.