Sarende Island is one of destinations in north Gorontalo and it located near to Lampu Island. Administratively, this island is located in Pontolo village, 12 miles from Kuandang port. To reach this island is only takes around 15 minutes from Lampu Island.

This island was estimated opened to public since 1986, with the name of Hulapa, which was a plant from bamboo family that grow alot along the Island. Unfortunately, that plants was vanished by the fisherman during 1980s.

At this island, we can do swimming at fine waves and white sandy beach, or just doing snorkeling and enjoying the underwater scenery. The best spot from this Island is located in the eastern side of the island, where we can find the stunning sceneries and the most adorable view during sunrise.

For those who want to stay at this Island, there is a cottage that can be book to stay. But it is better to prepare our own food and drinks and other important things, because there are no supported facilities like stores or minimarkets at this Island.

To go to this Island is can be reach by using airplane to Gorontalo and arrive at Jalalludin Airport, then continue by using land route to Kuandang port and cross the sea by using boat.