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    Bitila Island, Boalemo

    Bitila is an island that located in Kramat village, Mananggu district, Boalemo regency t it about 140 Km from Gorontalo city center. It can be reach for about 3 hours driving and continue by using fisherman boat to cross to the island, and it takes for more an hour.

    Bitila Island has tremendous scenery, especially for the underwater view and the sparkling sea water. The depth of the island is only about 60cm and it safe for those who cannot swim.

    Bitila Island is an uninhabited Island that has white and fine sandy beach. The beach is so clean and it perfect for sunbathing. Moreover, this island is also has rich nature vegetation that make the air is so refreshing and no pollutant.
    Visiting Bitila Island is just like enjoying your own terrace at your private island. The place is not crowded like any other island and the atmosphere is refreshing the mind. We hope for those who visiting the Island will be keeping the honor to the nature and keep everything clean, just to maintain the genuine of the island.

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