Dusun Bamboo is a natural tourist spot located at the foot of Mount Burangrang Cisarua, Lembang presents the travel area is equipped with restaurants, villas and other facilities such as the Equator and Tegal Pangulinan Market. Various activities you can do here like cycling while enjoying the cool mountain air of Lembang, camping and other outdoor activities.

Dusun Bambu is located at Jl . Kertawangi ( Complex Command ), Cisarua, West Bandung, can be reached via Jl . Colonel Masturi KM 11. After arriving at the location Dusun Bambu, here there are two main parking areas, if the gate of the parking lot is full, the visitors will be directed to enter through the parking gate two. Two parking gate location is situated at the top, to get to the parking gate two visitors through a derivative and climbs, so make sure the prime condition of your vehicle, because there is rarely any vehicle broke down here.

From the location of the two parking gate, visitors will be delivered to the place of purchase tickets using a special vehicle called ontang earrings. From the location of the visitor ticket purchases will be delivered to locations desired by the vehicle used ontang earrings.

Here, the travellers can also taste the sundanese foods to enjoy while sitting on the floor, please stop by the restaurant Purbasari. Restaurant is located on the edge of the lake which is often used as onjek photo by visitors, so enjoy lunch here could be a new experience for you memorable.