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    Wonderful Route To Get The Curug Ciherang Bogor

    Ciherang is the name of a waterfall in Bogor, precisely located in Jaya Residents, Sukamakmur District, Bogor. Located in altitude of 900 meters above sea level, is about 65 km from Bekasi. Jonggol road, Sukamakmur where the main route to get the Curug Ciherang is relatively easy to pass, only a long straight road without a lot of bends that can make us confused.

    The road is dominated by smooth concrete and asphalt roads, only several points just broken asphalt. The road gradually rises, but ramps alone. The track climbs are really in the last 6 km, after passing through the district office Sukamakmur, climbs Ngehen is already started welcoming. Long climbs and steep inclines first BTS, named as such.

    There continues to climb the villa, and the latter if you have entered the right hand - left slope there is a parapet of the road means you 're almost there. Bulldoze 6 km of contour 400 masl to 900 masl. There will be a welcome signpost in Curug Ciherang, congratulations you 've arrived! You just need to sift through the macadam road about 800 meters to reach the waterfall. Anyway, there are beautiful places that other Stone Mountain waterfall Cipamingkis around Curug Ciherang.

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    Really wonderful thanks for impressive sharing

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