Ile Ape is an active volcano in Lembata district which is always has sulfur outside. This mountain has a beautiful natural scenery with the presence of craters in some parts of the mountain. Natural panorama of Ile Ape Mountains. Here, the travellers can do climbing activities ( hiking ) while enjoying nature which is surrounding by mountains.

To reach this location, travellers can use four wheel drive vehicles and two-wheel vehicles, but with a partially paved road conditions, passing through the village to village Lamagute then trekking to mountain Ile Ape. Ile Ape is literally a volcano mountain, Ile means a mountain, Ape means a fire. Ile Ape is Volcano. Ile Ape mountain has an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level.

According to records, the mountain Ile Ape already erupted eight times since 1660. Then erupted again in 1819, two years after the 1821 re-erupt. Then in 1864, 1889 and the last in 1920. Mountain Ile Ape does not stand alone, there are many villages at the foot of the mountain where almost all the villagers of their livelihood on this mountain, especially gardening and mining.

Villages that located at the foot of the mountain of Ile Ape are Muruona, Laranwutun, Kolontobo, Petuntawa, Dulitukan, Tanjung Bahagia, Waowala, Amakaka, Bungamuda, Atawatung, Ebak, Mawa, Bao Laliduli, Lamatokan, Jontona, Todanara, and Watodiri.

Mount Ile Ape in Lembata, East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) is one of the icons of the natural beauty of Indonesia. No wonder Ile Ape attract many foreign tourists to climb it and see the beauty of Mount Ile Ape. Besides Mount Ile Ape is one of the loveliest spots and coveted by many photographers because the terrain to climb is fairly difficult and takes some preparation. It takes a lot of preparations and equipments to be able to climb comfortably.