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    Hidden Paradise While Hiking The Rinjani Mountain, Penimbungan Waterfall

    Rinjani hiking track has known as a famous mountain destination. But, who knows that a such adventurous tour has a lots hidden paradise inside to be visited. If you are climb the Mount Rinjani through the entrance Torean, you will find Penimbungan Waterfall in the middle of the journey.

    It takes of about 2 hours from the entrance. If you usually passing through the Sembalun and Senaru route, that is not wrong if one day the route passes Torean to have this other beautiful view of Mount Rinjani. The get the location is approximately 2 hours from Torean, one of the entrances hiking trail to Mount Rinjani.

    The path is less popular compared to the other two lines (Sembalun and Senaru) to get to Mount Rinjani. Torean pathway is usually skipped by pilgrims who perform rituals and beliefs in Segara Anak in hot springs nearby Segara Anak.

    Penimbungan Waterfall has a height of about 75 m. This waterfall is located in the path of ascent to Mount Rinjani through Torean. Besides the waterfall, at this point will be found also the other waterfalls named Aik Genit waterfall and Pancor Mas.

    To get the Torean of Mataram can be reached by road L - 300 to Pasar Anyar, Bayan. Trip travel time is about 3-4 hours at a cost of Rp 15,000 per person. Furthermore, from Pasar Anyar journey continues to ride motorcycles to Torean village at a cost of Rp 15,000 for a little over an hour's drive.

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    Hey! I've already been to Rinjani through Senaru path and now I really want to visit this waterfall. I'd like to know how difficult the path from Torean is compared to Senaru path. Is there an 'obvious' path and no guide needed?

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