One of new tourism object in Bandung that raged into the limelight at a time of praise from netizens among users of social media such as Twitter and Instagram in the country and even the world, the new travel Tebing Keraton, the cliffs are familiar names in Bandung earlier nowadays.

Well for those of you who want to know, knew or could even be a reference material tourist destination you at the time of the upcoming holidays, one of the tourist attractions in Bandung which is besides quite spectacular with news, Tebing Keraton Bandung is also frequently mentioned as one of the tourist sites in Bandung very thick of the mystery and mystical things.

Tebing Keraton is actually a natural tourist sites located in Bandung attractions Bandung which have been popular in advance the community forest park area Juanda ( Tahura Juanda ) in North Bandung Regency Village Ciburial Dago. Precisely located in Kampung Ciharegem Puncak (RW 10) Ciburial Village.

Tebing Karatons in Dago Bandung is located at an altitude of about 1,200 meters above the surface, so that the height of this, the visitors will be able to easily and clearly witnessed expanse of green scenery Tahura Juanda large extend view. The scenery will increasingly exotic and romantic, when we came before sunrise or approximately 6 am to greet the beautiful landscape scenery at Sunrise.

The enterance fee is actually not determined the amount of the price of admission to the cliffs of this court, because the management has undertaken by governmental organizations around the location. So that is not determined the parking tariff system. Before finally the manager of Forest Park Juanda took over the functions of local residents with rates ticketing Rp.11.000 / person with parking fee 5,000 / person. For the price of admission and also the road to the tourist area Tebing Keraton.