Petekan bridge, is one of the ancient bridges in Surabaya that located in Ujung, near to Tanjung Perak port, Surabaya.
Formerly, this bridge had been known as Ophaal Brug. It was built in 1900s by the city government that cooperated with NV. Bratt & Co. This bridge was designed in order to pull up and down and to control the traffict of the ships that brought the trading comodities to Surabaya via Mas River.

This bridge is strategic and its located is near to Sunan Ampel Mosque, Tanjung Perak seaport as the main economics area and transportation in East Indonesia area. The other installation military like The Head Quarters Command of Marine, Navy Academy, ‘Lantamal’ and other big industry.

Petekan bridge was built by the Dutch in the early 1900s in cooperation with NV Bratt & Co. This bridge can be raised scaled back, so at that time a bridge is quite sophisticated. In its time, this bridge played a major role to move the economic wheel of Surabaya-Madura. The area around the bridge Petekan is like Kembang Jepun and Ampel also reap the impact of the height of the ships transiting.

In the past, the trading vessels that leading to and leaving from the river Kalimas Surabaya will surely pass through this bridge. The destination of such vessels was going the island of Madura. During 1960-1970 of traders taking goods in Surabaya and send the goods with traditional boats that pass under this bridge (1960-1970).