Sam Ratulangi tomb and Monument is located in a cool and hilly area in Wawalintouan Village, Tondano Minahasa District, North Sulawesi. We can rent a horse-drawn wagon in front of Tondano Park City and it takes only a few minutes just to get in the front gate of Sam Ratulangi tomb.

Inside the tomb park, we can see the orange stairs with high landscape like a background of the tomb. By climbing these stairs the visitors will get into the tomb that located in the uphill. The stairs are clean and tidy and seems that well-maintained. The green nuance around the tomb is also make the shady and chilling atmosphere.

At in front of the park, there is mural wall that located in the bottom left stair that showing the role and the contribution from Sam Ratulangi in education part. Sam Ratulangi or born as DR Gerungan Saul Samuel Jozias Ratulangi is an Indonesian national hero that was born in Tondano on November 5, 1890. He was graduated as Doctor for physic and math from University of Zurich, Switzerland.

The role of Sam Ratulangi in Indonesia politic chair happened during his inaguration by being the member of Volksraad in 1927 and struggling to fight the rights. At another side of the mural wall, there are scenes that showing the fight of Sam Ratulangi and Indonesia people struggling against colonialism. As a professional journalist and the one who ran for politic, Sam Ratulangi publishing a book with title “Indonesia in den Pacific” on June 1, 1937, where he warn about the Japanese military threat and the possibility for Japan attacks Indonesia because of the natural resources that Indonesia has. One of quote of Sam Ratulangi that famous in Manado is “Manusia hidup untuk memanusiakan manusia” which mean human being live for humanizing others.

The tomb of Sam Ratulangi is in the form of Waruga, a stone grave for Minahasa ancestor with the background of Sam Ratulangi Monument. There is a caretaker of the tomb that always ready to guide the visitors who come and enjoy the telling story.