Kuncir beach is settled in Jetak Village, Tulakan sub-district. The easiest access to reach this location is through JLS, Jalur Lintas Selatan or Pacitan southern route. It takes 20 minutes drive and it arrive to Jetak village. Pay attention at the right side, there will be sign board that showing the route to Pidakan beach. The location of Kuncir is on the west side of Pidakan beach.

The name of Kuncir is taken from Javanese Watu Kuncir, that refers to the rocks around the beach. During the high tide, it will be better for not going to the edge of the beach. The waves at Kuncir beach will be so high during high tide and it can crushs the local fields. Hence, there are many falling tress because of the abbration from this south sea.

At night, while the tide is low, we can spend the time at this beach for fishing. Either fishing for fish or clam, local people always spending their night time at Kuncir during Pasatan, or low tide.