Krupuk or kerupuk is type of crackers or snack crackers which is made from tapioca flour batter mixed with some ingredients such as shrimp or fish flavor. Crackers made by steaming batter before thinly cut, dried in the sun and fried with a lot of cooking oil. Krupuk is an Indonesian favourit side-dish that can be completing the meal during breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Sidoarjo is, once again, one of the famous producer for this industrial. Among 15000 Small and Medium Enterprises in Sidoarjo, most of them are belongs to cracker industrial. Along Majapahit street, there are several stores that provide Sidoarjo particular snacks, especially crackers. You just choose which you like; ready to eat crackers, or raw crackers to be your gift. At first, people only know that Sidoarjo is famous for its prawn crackers and fish crackers. However, today there are so many variant of crackers that can be found in Sidoarjo, instead of shrimp and fish crackers, like oyster cracker, keterung cracker (a type of jellyfish), this is the most expensive compared to shrimp and fish crackers because the raw material for the cracker is quite difficult to get.