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    Batu Nona, Manado

    Batu Nona or in English means rock lady is a stone that located on the resorth at Kema Beach, North Minahasa, North Sulawesi. If you take a private vehicle from Manado, it will takes approximately 2 hours. From Manado to Minut Bitung there will be sign board to Kema.

    During your journey to Kema, there will be direction to Firdaus Beach that also stunning and worth visited. Then there are other signs board to Batu Nona and Kora-kora; just follow the instructions there will be other tourism destination named Kema Old Jail that also worth to stop by, this is the oldest prison since the days of the Spanish and there were many of the pirates that been locked uo in this old jail.

    Batu Nona resembles like a beautiful woman. If you want to see this place, it will be difficult to walk because of the detour hill. Then, you need to rent a speed bot or other water vehicles. You can just walk around the hills when the sea water begin to recede, but it only appears to be the rear of the rocks. If you want to see from the front, you need a marine transportation.

    Now this beach resort is managed and created by the owner Fransisca Tuwaidan. Batunona resort, you can stay during your vacation with family. The resort owner then makes large-sized sculptures.

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    This is a place that everyone have to visit if you have come to Manado! This place is very beautiful and the sculpture of Batu Nona is so classic!

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