Suroloyo peak is a tourist attraction in the area of Kulon Progo, save the legend who is very famous. That figure Raden Mas Stimulate the title of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo are guided wangsit of power in the land of Java. He got wangsit if they want to become the ruler of the land of Java, he had to walk towards the west in the Palace Kotagede towards the mountains incise and implement asceticism in one incise these hills now known as the peak Suroloyo.

The points of interest in the area of the western Yogyakarta, offers the charm of the open nature of the exotic. Suroloyo peak in the highlands, from the top you can witness an impressive natural scenery, even Borobudur temple can be seen. There was silence and the cool mountain air, the atmosphere seemed appropriate to relax, or release the fatigue from the bustle of everyday activities. Sometimes even after obtaining inspiration from traveling.

To the top Suroloyo you have to climb the stairs totaled 286 with a fairly steep slope. Every now and then you have to rest first to restore power to the next rung. Usually the stairs to 100, and more tourists started terenggah puffing. After resting enough, you can continue the journey up the stairs with caution.

As soon as you began to set foot on the peak Suroloyo it will be welcomed dozens of butterflies, birds and dragonflies churches scattered as if to welcome you. Peak Suroloyo of which have a height of 1019 m above sea level, you will witness the extraordinary beauty of the landscape. Borobudur Temple looks tiny as a fortress surrounded by four mountain is Mount Merapi, Merbabu mountain, the mountain and the mountain cleft Sindoro.