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    Taman Sakura, A Metropolis City Spot

    Surabaya harmony garden is a mega project in East Surabaya in order to flatten the construction of parks throughout the city of Surabaya and efforts to make the land of former landfills ( TPA) Keputih after 11 years of being closed. The land which covers 50 ha is not just for the garden bloom only or some call Sakura Park Surabaya, but will be built bike track, an artificial river, fountains, medicinal plants, home reading, manager's office, supermarket, cafeteria, gazebo, outbound arena, children's playground, garden juvenile, traffic and discourse park built flats.

    The park entrance fees Surabaya harmony is due to the current free or no charge except for the parking of vehicles only. This is similar to city parks in Surabaya that also are not subject to the admission price or free. Sakura garden concept is a combination of city parks and urban forests. where 5 ha of the 50 ha is used for street vendors or regional centers of trade so that the local economy is also growing.

    To get the park is the same when we go to the park because of the location of Surabay bamboo park Keputih is located on the north of this flowering garden. Bamboo Garden Keputih is often used as a photographic object is split into two parts by the highway. The north road and south of the road, a bamboo forest is located on the southern road into a garden of cherry or jasmine garden whitish so some people call it.

    Although not complete this park builder, but if you go here you will not be disappointed. The beautiful scenery of colorful flowers ready to soothe your eyes after a tiring activity for a week. there are many flowers that are challenging to be regarded as interest Jakaranda, pagoda, tabebaya ( which is cherry Surabaya ), bungur etc. They are grouped into several blocks and blocks of each color separation, there are flowers of white, orange, red, purple, yellow, pink and magenta.

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    It's a really beautiful place.


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    Jakarta dan Surabaya
    what a beautiful place from Surabaya !!
    i have never been go to surabaya but i heard they have a lots of beautiful flower garden and parks.
    i also have seen that pict on my friend's instagram feed.

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    I like this garden..

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