The challenging track of hikking the second highest mount of Java, Mount Slamet that located in Central Java can be the place of hikking challenge. Mount Slamet ( 3,428 -meter ), the mountain is located on the border of Brebes, Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal and Pemalang, Central Java Province, and is the highest in Central Java and the second highest in the island of Java after Mount Semeru. There are four craters on the peak of which were active.

At the foot of this mountain there is a tourist area called Baturraden or Batur Raden. The tourist area is usually accomplished people from the town of Purwokert, Banyumas regency capital, only about 15 km from Purwokerto. Mount Slamet is one of the objectives of the expedition mountain climbers, both from the local area and other areas. This mountain has a forest area Dipterokarp Hill, Dipterokarp forest Upper Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous or mountain forests.

The tandard climbing route is from Bambangan, Kutabawa Village, District Karangreja, Purbalingga. Hiking is another popular from Baturraden, or from Gambuhan village, and village Jurangmangu Gunungsari Pemalang. Climbing Mount Slamet known to be quite difficult because almost along the ascent route is not found water, although there was also a pool of water. To the hikers are strongly advised to bring adequate water supply from below. Another factor is the fog. Fog on Mount Slamet very volatile and concentrated.

But If you pass Bambangan track, maybe the water problem is not too difficult. Indeed, many climbers have to bring water from the ground, but when he got in the post V or rather in the post Samhyang Rangkah there will be a small river that is located just below the post V. Bambangan addition to these, there is also an ascent through these Dukuhliwung. From post 1 to post 5 that summit, takes about 8 hours. And there are springs in the post 2 and 3.

Or it could also make the climb through tourism hot water bath jar, these jars are still climbing through very steep. But the scenery along this route is more special than any route. The natural scenery in the jar is still very natural and still very wild, memorable away from human civilization. both routes can be reached through the town of Tegal then south towards the town of Slawi, passing Lebaksiu, Yomani and began to enter the Tuwel plateau.