Siladen Island Tourism is one of the five islands in the Bunaken National Park in Manado , North Sulawesi . Siladen Island has a marine park with fish and coral reefs are colorful as well as a beautiful cave . Located in the northeast of the island of Bunaken , Bunaken Subdistrict about 8 miles from the city center which can be reached in 45 minutes by boat . Siladen island has an area of ​​31.25 hectares , but kept the charming beauty of marine tourism.

Siladen Island is known as a quiet tourist island . Siladan Island travel options will be appropriate for those who want to alienate a moment of fatigue and bustle of the city. You will get a pleasant experience to rest and sunbathe enjoying a healthy splash of sun . On this island there catamaran ( glass boat ) , diving center , cottages , and food stalls so you can choose according to taste tourist attractions .

White sandy beaches stretch feels very dominant on this small island . This place is not only a great place for divers diving landlubber , but also a comfortable place for your snorkeling inexperienced though. Tourism activities that can be done in between enjoying the park with a way around using glass boat ( catamaran ) , snorkeling , diving , underwater photography ( underwater photographs ) , as well as sunbathing on the beach . The beauty of the island is a major force in Manado 's sights .

Snorkeling and diving in Siladen Beach will take you on an amazing experience not less than Bunaken . The waves on the island is not too big , thus safe for you to swim . The price for renting the facility diving and snorkel in the tourist area Siladen Island ranges from Rp 100 thousand to Rp 300 thousand . You can negotiate the price , as well as determine what facilities would you be and you need.

The trip to Siladen Island can be reached in two ways . First, by using public transport boat . These boats were only there one day and from Manado departs at 1-3 pm ( depending on tides ) . This boat will return to Manado next morning around 7am .

Second , by boat speed boat that you can rent . In this way , you are free to decide when to leave and the option to stay at Siladen or not . Speedboat rental fee for one trip is approximately USD 250 thousand - $ 300 thousand per ship . If you want to hire a return in the same day , the cost reaches Rp 600 thousand .