Makalehi Island is one of the outer Islands in Indonesia that administratively located in Wes Siau sub-district, Sitaro regency, North Sulawesi. This inhabited island covering 420 ha land that consist of people settlement for about 30 Ha, plantation 380 Ha, reserve forest 2Ha and Lakes 8Ha.

This Island has rich in sea biota like coral reef, mangrove, seagrass and coral fishes. To reach this island we can start by crossing from Manado Port to Ulu Siau by using Motor Boat. From Ulu Siau we continue by using 4 wheels vehicles for about half an hour to West Siau. From West Siau we continue to Makalehi Island by using Motor Boat for 1-2 hours, depend on the boat and the weather.

At early begin, this island was uninhabited and always be the haven for the fisherman. But after long time, those fisherman start to build a simple house. The people of Makalehi are typical of religious people and they strict to the custom and religion. The togetherness is still hold by the people in Makalehi, either in daily routines or in some ceremonial events. In matter of keeping the environment balance, they always looking for the coral fishes for their own needs sufficiently.

Makalehi island is a unique island where there is fresh water lake in the middle of the island. From the aspect of the land, this island is consist of hilly land, plains and basins in the center of the island that holds water from the hills.