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    Lubuak Bonta II in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra

    Visited the attractions baths Lubuak Bonta, located in Korong Tarok Kenagarian Kapalo Hilalang, District 2 X 11 Wood Plant Padang Pariaman district led to the natural scenery is so impressive. A tourism object which is long known to have turned out to have 2 spot or two levels where the landscape is extraordinary, beautiful nature combined with the depths of the blue waters and clear and two beautiful waterfalls create a natural paradise in the Wood Plant is not inferior to Nyarai Lubuak Aluang or Ngungun Saok in Padang.

    This bath is a little haven in the Wood Plant, Wood Planting itself is very famous for its Durian, the area is also gorgeous flowing river which creates a beautiful natural landscape. Fountainhead is also used as a source of water for people's homes, even some bottled water also used.

    To reach the necessary travel about 15 minutes by car follow the road in the township. Then you will menumukan bridge there pemandan nearby residents , from the bridge followed by a footpath population. These baths have previously been managed , in fact there are also a type of room to change clothes , but later began neglected back . Mythical stories trusted people around to be one factor why the baths have become a bit neglected.

    But the beauty of these baths still can not be covered and forgotten , lately since traveled and malala trends developing in the society , especially adolescents , Lubuak Bonta also affected by visited by many guests who wish to enjoy the natural beauty and the cool water in these baths.

    The atmosphere is calm as calm blue waters coupled with the clear water at this Lubuak makes anyone who visits will be goaded to run and melt together with the cool banyu. For those of you who visit try to bring the camera underwater or waterproof pouch, because the view from the bottom of the water is fabulous.

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    wish could be there once

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    what a awesome place,i want to visit it my coming future..

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