Maaram canyon park is located just behind the General Hospital (Hospital) Dr. Achmad MochtarBukittinggi. The park name is taken from the condition of the park itself. The canyon has meaning chasm stretches, separates the two plains due to the influence of the movement of the earth.

While the word has a meaning Maaram collapses or landslides simultaneously in a short time. Land resulting from landslides or collapsing called Maaram ground. So it can be concluded, naming the park was the result of the collapse of the land surface conditions derived from the canyon.

It having an area of ​​approximately 1 hectare, the park is equipped with various facilities. Some of them such as footpaths that surround the park, children's play facilities, open stage, and the most eye-catching is the "catwalk selfie" directly overlooking the green expanse of the canyon Sianok and spacious. Because the bridge is located right lip of the canyon.

The existence of this park provides a lesson that, particularly in the development of tourism concept . RTH is the place that is not concerned with the addition of revenue (PAD) of the levy collected from visitors. But with the advent of new tourist attractions are expected to drive the economy of the community through the development of creative economy. With the new tourist attractions, watchmaking tourist arrivals also increased.Maaram Canyon park could be the next choice when you visit Bukittinggi, addition Husks Taruko Koto Tower & Caffe .