Mariona Togean Lake itself is located in Central Sulawesi district of Tojo Una - una. Here travelers can swim with hundreds of jellyfish which is not sting. Traveler will definitely amazed at the uniqueness of jellyfish here, there is colored orange, reddish, white, or even the mix with purple.

Getting to the edge of the lake, can be found a small fish that swim here and there, there are even approaching such wanted to meet. The water was brackish, slightly salty, maybe the lake is still connected to the sea. Mariona lake is still a lot of visitors, probably because the area is also Togean practically empty of visitors, mostly foreign tourists, they are from Europe and Australia, the local tourist might be counted on the fingers.

The islands with the status of this national park has the second highest biodiversity after Raja Ampat. And about the jellyfish lake there are only four locations in the world.