Kampili Dam is located in Kampili Village, Pallangga sub-district, Gowa district, South Sulawesi. Kampili is a dam with a height of 73 m main dam stretches along 750 m. Is one of the flood control infrastructure accommodates Jeneberang. Bendungan river water from an area of ​​384.40 square km area with a pitcher of water discharge 375 million cubic meters of water.

Kampili can be reached in the course of about an hour from the city of Makassar . The most common pathway taken was passes twin bridges Sungguminasa Gowa . From the bridge turn to the left leads to IPDN campus . This road leads to Dam Kampili.

By cycling , we take another path , namely the path Marannu Gowa.Kami Bonto had the wrong direction and should turn around . After passing SD Instruction Borong Kaluku turn right down the road mines. This road will take us to get down to the river.

Dams store water Kampili Jeneberang River which is the flow of volcanic eruptions Lompobattang . The eruption precipitate minerals along rivers Jeneberang , both of metals and non-metals . Rocks carried and deposited by water ( aquatic sediment ) is that formations such as hallways dramatic water.

Rocks formed in the dam kampili is the result of sedimentation of water pasir.Aliran then " sculpt " these rocks into bends unique.