Lian tree called the ancient tree because plant species are endangered tree species are only found in about 1.5 ha of land located around the hamlet Menanga Classified Gunung Malang Pringgabaya District of East Lombok, precisely in the north Courses General Menanga Line or in front of Pidana beach tourist area.

Since the middle of 2014 and then, Lian Trees locations frequently visited by tourists from different regions and even the location is used as one of the natural attractions are a favorite for the young couple. The ancient trees Lian tourist attraction is always visited by many tourists domestic or international tourists. On Sundays and other holidays, tourism is always full of visitors since the natural attractions of tourist destinations is very charming.

This tourist attraction is often used as the location of activities photography, take a shoot of video clip Lombok local band, and the implementation of the wedding party (weading). This tourist attraction is also very suitable as a location because the action movie Lian tree known as the Ancient Tree is unique enough to wilderness that resembles a movie Jurasic Park, The Hobbit etc.

The location of Lian Ancient tree on the edge of the main road towards Sambalia, precisely on the left of the road and right of way location Ancient Tree Lian there are other natural attractions that attraction that also offers Pidana beach fascinating tourist destinations. Thus, if you come to the attraction of Ancient Trees Lian then you might as well visit the attractions that are in the Pidana beach, east object Travel Ancient Tree Lian. This is called a two rowed three islands exceeded, meaning that if you come to the attraction of Ancient Trees Lian then indirectly you will visit Pidana Beach.