Tutur Village, is located in Pasuruan Regency, East Java. In this location, there is fields for almost 490,23 ha, which is used for food plantation, field plantation and cattle field plantation.

The food plantations are include of: corn, sweet potato, chilly, potato, Chrysanthemum flower, avocado, salacca, apple, durian, banana, and longan fruit. Some of the seasonal plantation like corn, sweet potato, chilly, and potato are produce when rainy time. For field plantation which is growing is coffee and cinnamon. For cattle field plantation is grass for cattle. Some cattles on Tutur village are cow, chicken, duck, and goat.

In addition to be the industrial field, this location is also suitable for recreational place. The atmosphere of this field is chilling and refreshing. For those who have busy life in town, Tutur Vilage agro tourism can refresh your mind.