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    Balekambang, The Sacred Beach in South Malang

    The beach is located in the village of Srigonco, District Bantur, South Malang. The distance is about 65 km from Malang city, and can be reach for almost 3 hours by private vehicle. This beach lies 2 KM include rock-studded beach sloping to the east and there are three islands around the beach, which is Ismoyo Island with Luhur Amertha Jati temple above the island, Wisanggeni Island, and Anoman Island to the west.

    Balekambang beach is quite charming. This is also supported with adequate facilities, parking area, camping ground, souvenir shops, restaurants, toilets, information office, bungalows, swimming pools and camping ground, praying and resting place.

    Balekambang beach is filled with sea reef, which stretches approximately 2000 meters with a width of 200 meters towards the sea. When it low tide, there will be found clustered ornamental fishes and other marine animals among the coral rocks.

    In the month of Suro, Balekambang is quite busy visited by domestic and foreign tourists, for there will be annual ceremony in its ocean, which is called Surohan Ceremony and Jalanidhi Puja Ceremony.
    The waves, the islands, and the nuance of Balekambang beach will bring you to the real paradise.

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    sayangnya sekarang balekambang gak sebersih dulu

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