Beaches in Lombok is famous for its beauty. Although the beaches in North Lombok are not as beautiful as in South or East Lombok, there is one beach in North Lombok which is pretty nice and interesting to visit, That is Tebing beach in North Lombok. Tebing beach is located at Luk Hamlet, Sambik Village Bangkol, Gangga, North Lombok. It is located exactly is behind Junior High School 2 Gangga, North Lombok.

If you ask about Tebing Beach to fishermen who you meet on the street, they may be less familiar with the name. They are more familiar with Balihai Beach. Apparently because there is a Balihai beer warehouse nearby. Others call it Luk Beach, since the beach is located in Luk hamlet. Hopefully the various names do not make you confused, but instead will make it easier for you to ask.

Tebing beach located in North Lombok, is a black sandy beach. Both the land and the sea area of this beach are very clean. Ndeed, cleanliness in this Tebing beach is well maintained. This is evidenced by the flourishing coral reef on this beach.

It is called Tebing or Cliff beach, because it has a 20 meters high cliff. Its formation is actually originally from the hot sediment containing fragments of coral caused by tsunami resulting from the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815. So do not be surprised if you see the limestone on this cliffs is easily broken. Although it is called Tebing or Cliff beach, this beach is not a place for rock climbing exercise. Approximately 5 meters from the beach, you will find a lot of people fishing and bathing.

To go to Tebing beach in North Lombok, is very easy. If you depart from Mataram which is about 80 Km from the beach , it will take about a half hour by car. While from Tanjung which is the nearest town you only need about 15-20 minutes. You just drive to the east , then you’ll find Gangga Junior High School. The location of Tebing beach is right behind this school . Access road to the entrance of is approximately 200 meters.