Hi travellers!

I am here to present you a new project: blogotrip. It is not spam, just a good opportunity for new bloggers to get known.
What is blogotrip? It is a new network which aims to gather the most known travel bloggers and the most popular articles to inspire people in their searches of the perfect travel destination. The platform wants to become an international reference and that is why we need a great number of travel bloggers to complete the website. So, if you are an invested travel blogger or if you know someone around you who travels, don’t hesitate : speak about this project!

But, why should you join the blogotrip community? Be a part of this adventure, it is to commit yourself in a beautiful relation. You will bring your experiences and your travels to the website and, in exchange, blogotrip will bring you an additional visibility.
If you subscribe on the network, you could benefit from three advantages:
a customized profile on which you can write your biography and different links toward your blog or your social networks;
a better visibility for your blog and your work thanks to the featured of bloggers and articles at the end of each month (and the highlight of one of your work when you sign in to blogotrip);
an added value to your blog owing to the international certification «*Blogotrip Partner*».

I hope that I succeeded to convince you to join the blogotrip community and i count on you to share your travels with us!
Be a traveller, be an explorer, be a blogotripper!*

The Blogotrip Team.
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