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    Bukit Kelam, A Chunk of The World's Largest Monolith Stone

    One of the attractions are not to be missed in West Kalimantan is Bukit Kelam. Bukit Kelam is located 20 Km from the Sintang city, West Kalimantan is a giant monolith stone, so it is often claimed to be the new world. Bukit Kelam therefore very likely to be developed as an unique tourist destination.

    As a giant stone, Bukit Kelam has offering exotic natural scenery. In addition there is a waterfall where the water used by local residents to irrigate the fields, natural caves inhabited by thousands of bats, there are also rare plants are like giant Semar pouch that can be used as a container for cooking rice, and if lucky you can see the black orchid in bloom. At the top of the hill there is also a natural cave into thousands swiftlet nests.

    990 M high hill is open for nature lovers to climb to the top. There are two ways you can do to reach the top of Mount Kelam, through a series of metal ladder that was on the west side of the hill or for those who like climbing cliffs please try the menu that stands almost 90 degrees in the south. The hilltop is an ideal place for sport kite flying hang gliding and paragliding.

    The existence of Mount Tenebrous as if sitting on a piece of terrain in line with the legend of the shelter. It is said that Bukit Kelam is a stone that is carried by a powerful character named Bujang Beji of Kapuas Hulu to stem the Kapuas river in the city center Sintang. For one thing, straps made ​​of grass stones so that stones bear broke Bujang Beji fall in the valley named Jetak.

    If only Bukit Kelam Bujang Beji not fall and managed to stem the Kapuas river to catch fish, certainly has become a giant lake Sintang and Kapuas River become dry to the downstream. Luckily it did not happen. There is also the theory that Bukit Kelam was a meteorite that fell millions of years ago. This is reinforced by the contours of the land to the Mount Kelam of the undulating Sintang direction as if driven by a Bukit Kelam who fell to earth from the opposite direction.

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    A big rock!! maybe it was a meteorite

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