The latest and unique destination that is "Pulo Cinta", located in Pulo Cinta Boalemo - Gorontalo, a parts of Eastern Indonesia precisely in Sulawesi, about 460 km north of Manado. The beauty of this island is already well known to overseas. This object is enchanting and makes visitors fall asleep so did not want to go home again. Just listen the name "island of love" Sure you can already imagine what the island. Surely heart-shaped island said the island so in love.

Pulo Cinta had just inaugurated and was popularized in the festival Tomini sail right Boalemo which was held on the Pulo Cinta. The island is located right bolihutuo coastal region that has become one of the tourist destinations that have been inaugurated by the Coordinating Minister for Human and cultural development Puan Maharani. According to reliable information that the island has a lot of love in the visit of foreign tourists from overseas, especially Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia.

To Go to this location, Requires 2 hours by road from Gorontalo province heading to the district was, precisely the District Tilamuta, when he got in a place where attractions Bolihutuo you can hire a boat to get to the Pulo Cinta.The island is quite unique and impressive resort has 15 pieces with an exclusive price of 3 million to 5 million very suitable for those who want a honeymoon or vacation with friends, relatives and your family. Attractions newly inaugurated, very charming, which for those of you who love the beauty of the underwater panorama, you can enjoy this island.