Mount Ciremai including in the area Ciremai Mountain National Park (TNGC). The mountain is located far apart from the other high mountains. Have a height of 3,078 masl, is the highest mountain in West Java. Mount Ciremai there is a call Cerme, there is often called "Ceremai" administratively included in the three districts, namely Cirebon, Kuningan and Majalengka regency, West Java Province.

This mountain has a double crater. Western crater radius of 400 m east crater was cut by a radius of 600 m. At an altitude of about 2,900 m above sea level on the southern slopes are former point eruption called Gowa Swallow. Ciremai mountain in West Java has a very strong sense of mystique.

for some Kuningan local people and surroundings, Mount Ciremai believed to be the origin of the ancestors people of West Java. This belief is getting stronger when the archaeologist found some great tools from the Stone Age (megalithikum) the estimated age of about 3,000 years BC. Ciremai towering mountain splitting some steps districts due form. Mountain Ciremai located between two districts; Kuningan and Majalengka east side west. If you are interested to climb, the summit Ciremai can be achieved through three channels. That path of Palutungan ascent of the south, Majalengka from the west, and Linggarjati of east.

Linggarjati Strip is not only exhausting, the hikers susceptible mountsickness (Mountain sickness). Characterized by symptoms of nausea, dizzy, a little bit of pain in the joints, accompanied by hallucinations and delirium. This path may be it will challenge your adrenaline. Especially for those who are looking forward to how creepy sensation of Mt. Ciremai.

Judging from the height criteria, Mount Ciremai is not too high. Compare with Mount Semeru ( 3,676 m ), Mount Slamet ( 3,432 m ), or Mount Arjuna ( 3,339 m ). Altitude Mountain Ciremai among the three highest mountain in the island of Java, it is not nothing. But the mystery of Mount Ciremai deserves to be taken into account. Mount Ciremai actual altitude is not too high it does not reduce the interest of the climbers to conquer it.

Mount Ciremai rated as one of the most difficult Mount route in Java, Gunung death. Due to reach its peak, it took extra time and effort. Not to mention the natural conditions are considered dangerous. Precautionary be the main requirement. If careless, lives at stake. It was like being a unique color in the mystery of Mount Ciremai If we start the ascent of Linggarjati, the trip will start from a height of about 750 meters above sea level. As a result, the travel time to reach the peak to be quite long. On average 12 to 16 hours of travel. And among all the mountain in Java, only Mount Ciremai who start climbing from a height like that.

Some areas in Mount Ciremai even considered to have a strong mystical aura. So the mystery phrase that became the story of the people read out in a whisper to whisper , flare born from these regions. For example, some sites (places) supposedly haunted and sacred. Full of mystery, riding like the grave site. Perhaps, in this area there are graves horse owned by Japanese troops during the colonial period. The horses used by the Japanese army to supervise the workers levy. If passing through this area, often heard neighing of horses without ever clearly visible form. Mount Ciremai mystery story is also presented by a site called Papa Tere site. The site is considered haunted because once the murder of a child by his stepfather.