Curug Sewu, another unusually water flow located in Semarang, Central Java. Curug means fall, while Sewu means thousand, according to local people, it can be interpreted to be thousand waterfall. Curug or a waterfall has three levels with a height of 70 meters.

One of the uniqueness of this waterfall is the water of the waterfall that do not directly fall down but passes the step - stile. This of course makes scenery around the waterfall became more beautiful and lush. In addition to a beautiful waterfall, Curug Sewu also known as the hangout of the young people who are making love. From here you can see the view from the hill town of Kendal dynamic jambe hill. the landscape is very beautiful and romantic, it's no wonder many young couple who chose this place for dating.

Curug Sewu yourself you can achieve from the city of Semarang with a distance of about 50 KM. The exact location in the District Patean. Not only see the falls, from here also you can see the view of the rock stood firm with their height of 60 meters.

For nature lovers, you can also set up camp here. The morning air here is very cool and waterfalls feels cooler. You can also walk around the lake to blue or blue lake. The water in the lake is trusted by the community could make you so young.