Located in Sumber Celeng-Banjarejo village, Donomulyo sub district, Malang - East Java, Bantul Beach is a one of Malang tourism object that offered a beach scenery and cave adventure trip at once. It is about 90 km from Malang city, to get the place you have to passing through Malang Kepajen Pagak Ngliyep. In Pagak headed toward Ngliyep, you will see the street board direct to Ngliyep.

Once you find the entrance gate Banjarejo Village just follow the asphalt road of the village. You follow the asphalt road until the end, and you will be greeted by a macadam road through the woods pretty extreme roughly approximately 8 Km. Prepare your physical and mental conditions , prepare also because the condition of your vehicle in the middle of the forest there will be no food stalls , a tire or a toilet . If you are confused , you can ask about the Turkish Bantol the locals. Prepare your provisions at the last village before entering the forest is still quite natural.

Bantol beaches are still quite naturally, a gulf coast with waves are quite calm. You can swim here. On this beach there is a bit of mangrove forests ( mangroves) are rarely found on the south coast of Java. The beach is small but the water is clear there is no dirt or debris on the coast.

The ocean waves are not too big because it is located in a protected bay and coral clusters along the shoreline . But it turns dangerous when the tide season , the waves can sweep the coast with torrential . At low tide coral group will look clear and beautiful than the reflection of clear water exposed to sunlight . The beach also has a lot of lobster is lobster flower , lobster tiger and three other crayfish species with an expensive price ranges from Rp 80000-110000 / kg.

Around the teak forests are also many limestone caves frequented by a group of searchers Caves Nature Lovers and good for recreational activities as well as scientific research . As known limestone mountains in the South of Malang is one of the best distribution of karst in Java and is known to contain a wealth of geological and beauty of the cave.

Although usually visitors to the beach is only a pilgrim to the rest house at certain times , groups of nature lovers , fishermen , and they have a hobby of fishing. But the beauty of this beach is not inferior to the other coast . Along the coast road this Tropical forest and teak forest , while there is also rice fields are green and lush . There is also the brackish water lake which is called a small river , which flows into the teak forests and tropical forests . On the gulf coast there are mangrove trees , clusters of land and fishing boats moored , add an element of beauty Bantol Beach.

In addition, the building that is located on Mount Twins in rock jutting into the sea , featuring its own panorama undoubted beauty. Especially when the sun goes down , it can be a great place to take pictures . For groups of nature lovers can also visit the limestone caves are located around an oak tree near the beach.