Besek Mountain, located in the village Plosorejo, adjoining premises Bugelan Village, District Kismantoro, Wonogiri. Extreme peak Mount Besek, recently more frequently visited by tourists, especially by the youth, because considered as a location full of challenges that must be conguered.

The mountain peak altitude of about 850 meters above sea level, the truly extraordinary. Besides the cool air is fresh, the atmosphere at the summit of Mount Besek seemed so close to the clouds. Not surprisingly, these days, more and more teenagers are willing to tread the rocks on the edge depth of fifty meters, only to expression through selfie photo.

Not only local tourists. selfie fever narcissistic phenomenon at the summit of Mount Besek, also struck teenagers from outside the area Wonogiri. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm of the teen sensation chase through selfie photos, often do not care about the risk of danger. Although some teenagers said they were afraid the time to the location, they push themselves to get on top of the mountain.

Mountaintop Besek tourist location, very easy to reach by travelers. Home daycare vehicles villagers actually very close to the location. From the center of Wonogiri, directions to the location can be reached by vehicle two-wheeled or four, for approximately two hours. But approaching the peak area, the riders should be extra careful, because the road infrastructure of the village and the forest area to the location, there is still so inadequate. After walking up no more than ten minutes, the visitors will get to the peak of the mountain rocks baskets, with a beautiful view is incredible.