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    Padang Significant Culinary

    Beside Rendang, Padang is also has other yummy local foods that rare to know by people outside Padang. Those are:

    Sate Padang

    This kind of food is already famous in other town of Padang, the Pada Satai has different taste like any other satai in Indonesia.

    Talua Tea

    This was royal tea that today is can be enjoyed by everyone. This Talua tea is made of egg yolk, milk, tea and sugar. Splash of lime will be more better. Want to try?

    Padang Soto Soup

    This kind of soup is made by beef broth, filling with rice vermicelli noodle and fried beef. The taste is savory and better serve warm.

    Es Tebak

    We know Es Campur in Indonesia, as an ice dessert, this one is Es tebak that similar to Es Cendol. There are various filling inside the bowl that been serve with condense milk, shaved ice, syrup, grass jelly, fermented cassava, and rice cake noddle.
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