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    The Precious Spot To Take A Moment, Top of The Mountain Telomoyo

    Telomoyo mountain is one of the mountains which you can climb the peaks by vehicle. Telomoyo mountain located in the district of Semarang and Magelang regency, Central Java. This mountain has an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level and is shaped Strato volcano ( cone ) but has not been recorded erupted. He was visible from surrounding towns, such as Salatiga, Ambarawa, and Secang, Magelang.

    The mountain is flanked by Mount Merbabu, Mt. Andong, Mount Sumbing and Mount Ungaran. It formed from the south side of Mount Soropati that have been eroded and crumbling since the Pleistocene. As a result of this debris , to form a U-shaped basin Mount Telomoyo emerged in the south of depression is as high as 600 m from the bottom of the basin.

    On the slopes of Mount Telomoyo there are also hot springs located in Umbul Temple located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level on the western side of the mountain Telomoyo, hot water reaches a temperature of 350 Celcius. Other hot springs located on the south side Rawa Dizziness, 15 Km from Umbul Temple to the north with the warmth of the water reaches a temperature of 350 Celcius.

    There is a small waterfall when the road to the mountain top. The scenery around the mountain is very wonderful. At the peak of this mountain is now also widely established successor tower radio signals. It takes no much money for saving a trip to the Peak Telomoyo festive. There are no entry fees. Only need to prepare a full tank of capital and motors are primed to conquer the rise and fall is challenging . If it wishes to eat or drink at the top, you have to bring lunch, especially in the morning. There are no food vendors and drinks there.

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