Tuhelu village is located in Salahutu district, Central Maluku region, 30 km from the north of Ambon island. Bordered by Suli Village, Liang Village and Waai Village. Tulehu known as the village harbor.

This Village also known as Kampung Football by PSSI and also referred to as Brazillian of Indonesia because prolific in producing soccer player in the national team junior to senior level.

Tulehu Village/State also known by its famous tourist attractions, such as Hot Water Hatuasa, Morea Pool/Eel ofWailatu, Batu Kuda Beach and Lompa Diving Spot. That is worth a try culinary Coconut Rice Ikan Bakar that located around the Tulehu gate.

Tulehu village also have a uniqueness of its culture that has been handed down named Abdau. Abdau is an original traditions Tulehu and had to be excellent local and foreign tourists. Every year, this tradition was held to welcome the Eid al -Adha (Moslem Celebration Day).