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    Danau Dendam Tak Sudah, Never Ending Grudge Lake of Bengkulu

    This small lake, located 8 km from Bengkulu, has been curiously named Dendam Tak Sudah ('never-ending grudge'). The lake has facilities for water-skiing and boating and its surroundings feature an abundance of orchids known as Vanda hokriana. When they bloom, the lakeside transforms into a huge exotic flower garden. Dendam Tak Sudah Lake is surrounded by mountainous scenery and hosted by habitat for typical water orchid called Vanda Hookeriana (Merr.), naturally a hydro parasitic plant, as well as a means of natural conservation in biodiversity. This lake has been used for fishing, canoeing and other water sports facility proposed.

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    You can see some more related information below

    You can see some more related information below:

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