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    South Tapanuli Regency

    South Tapanuli is a district in North Sumatra, Indonesia, where the capital is Sipirok. This district was originally a very large district with capital in Padang Sidempuan. The areas that have been separated from South Tapanuli is Mandailing NatalPadang Sidempuan, North Padang Lawas and South Padang Lawas. After the expansion, the district capital moved to Sipirok. The language that being used is the language of Batak Angkola with majority religion is Islam.

    South Tapanuli has many interesting attractions, such as Lake Artificial Cekdam (in the area Pargarutan), Lake Siasis, Lake Marsabut, Aek Parsariran Bath (in Batang Toru), Aek Sijorni Baths, hills (tor) Simago-mago, Indigenous Palace in Muara Tais, Ulos clothed weaving center and natural scenery in the area of Sipirok.

    Silima Waterfall

    Bakar Island

    Siais Lake

    Aek Sijornih
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