The center of the sea Donggala is a large natural wells where there are saltwater inside it. The places is located in the seaside village of Towale, Central Banawa District, Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The place is within 55 kilometers from Palu or 30 km from the city of Donggala.

The marine center has a shape like a giant wells with carving large rocks that formed alamai the diameter of 10 meters and has a depth of 7 meters. The water in it salty as sea water and clear bluish color. It was said that there was a hole that connects between the beach and the center of this sea, because the distance from the beach is only about 500 meters.

At the first, tourism is first found in the 1980. Named Marine Center because the well water is believed to flow from the vortex of the Makassar Strait Sea there are about 1 kilometer from the well. The navel point has a sort of tunnel for water flow to the well. The vortex is a meeting point between the two different currents. But the tunnel now is not visible, it is likely covered by rocks.

Another uniqueness of the marine center, the water is never turbid by many children and people who are swimming or diving. The water here will tide when the water is low tide and vice versa. In addition, the society said the water in the center of the sea are believed to cure various diseases. Many visitors bring the center of this sea water back to home, visitors usually ask for help to the children who were swimming in it with a proper wage.

To get to these attractions is quite easy, from Palu you can use a personal vehicle which is approximately 45 kilometers or 45 minutes. The Donggala beach area has been managed well by the government, so the facilities are very complete, and also there are some homestay around the beach area for visitors who want to stay on the beach.